List of Publication 2020

■電極表面pHの数値シミュレーション/Numerical simulation of surface pH

Yoshiharu Mukouyama* and Shuji Nakanishi*

An Ordinary Differential Equation Model for Simulating Local-pH Change at Electrochemical Interfaces

Frontiers in Energy Research, in press, (2020)

■光合成の環境応答/Photo-adaptation of natural photosynthesis

Kenya Tanaka, Ginga Shimakawa, Shuji Nakanishi*

Time-of-day-dependent responses of cyanobacterial cellular viability against oxidative stress

Scientific Reports,10, 20029, (2020)

■【総説】電解還元によるCO2の資源化/CO2 Electrolysis

Kazuhide Kamiya ,Katsushi Fujii ,Masakazu Sugiyama and Shuji Nakanishi *

CO2 Electrolysis in Integrated Artificial Photosynthesis Systems

Chemistry Letters ()

■リチウムー酸素二次電池/Lithium-oxygen Secondary Batteries

Y. Hase*, K. Nishioka, Y. Komori, T. Kusumoto, J. Seki, K. Kamiya, S. Nakanishi*

Synergistic Effect of Binary Electrolyte on Enhancement of the Energy Density in Li-O2 Batteries

J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 11, 7657–7663 (2020)

■リチウムー酸素二次電池/Lithium-oxygen Secondary Batteries

K. Morimoto, T. Kusumoto, K. Nishioka, K. Kamiya, Y. Mukouyama, S. Nakanishi*

Dynamic changes in charge transfer resistances during cycling of aprotic Li–O2 batteries

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 12, 38, 42803–42810 (2020)

■配位構造が制御された単一原子触媒の開発 (Award account)/ Single-atom Sites with Designed Coordination Environments

K. Kamiya*

Development of Robust Electrocatalysts Comprising Single-atom Sites with Designed Coordination Environments

Electrochemistry118339–8349 (2020)

■【総説】生細胞代謝の電気化学制御/Electrochemical Regulation of Cellular Metabolisms

M. Kaneko, K. Ishihara, S. Nakanishi*

Redox‐Active Polymers Connecting Living Microbial Cells to an Extracellular Electrical Circuit

Small (2020)

■【総説】単一原子触媒による選択電極触媒反応/ Selective single-atom electrocatalysts

K. Kamiya*

Selective single-atom electrocatalysts: a review with a focus on metal-doped covalent triazine frameworks

Chemical Science, 11, 8339-8349, (2020)!divAbstract

■ガス拡散電極を用いた電気化学的な二酸化炭素の還元反応 / Electrochemical CO2 Reduction Using Gas Diffusion Electrode

Y. Wu, K. Kamiya,* T. Hashimoto, R. Sugimoto, T. Harada, K. Fujii, S.Nakanishi*

Electrochemical CO2 Reduction Using Gas Diffusion Electrode Loading Ni-doped Covalent Triazine Frameworks in Acidic Electrolytes

Electrochemistry, in press (2020)

■ガス状炭化水素の部分酸化反応/Partial Oxidation of Gaseous Hydrocarbon

S. Kato, K. Iwase, T. Harada, S. Nakanishi,* and K. Kamiya*

"Aqueous Electrochemical Partial Oxidation of Gaseous Ethylbenzene by a Ru-Modified Covalent Triazine Framework"

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces,12, 29376–29382 ( 2020)


S. Fa, M. Yamamoto, H. Nishihara* , R. Sakamoto* , K. Kamiya* , Y. Nishina* , and T. Ogoshi*

"Carbon-rich materials with three-dimensional ordering at the angstrom level"

Chemical Science,11, 5866-5873 ( 2020)!divAbstract

【共同研究】光合成微生物太陽電池/Photosynthetic Microbail Fuel Cell

L. Beauzamy, J. Delacotte, B. Bailleul K. Tanaka, S. Nakanishi. F. -A. Wollman, F. Lemaître*

"Mediator-Microorganism Interaction in Microbial Solar Cell: a Fluo-Electrochemical Insight"

Analytical Chemistry, 92, 7532-7539, (2020)

■光電気化学反応の選択性に光強度が及ぼす影響/Photoelectrochemical reaction

K. Kamiya*, R. Sugimoto, T. Tatebe, T. Harada, and S. Nakanishi*

"Light intensity responsive changes of products in photocatalytic reduction of nitrous acid on a Cu‐doped covalent triazine framework/TiO2 hybrid"

ChemSusChem, 13, 3462-3468 (2020)

■グリセロール酸化触媒/Electrocatalysts for Glycerol Oxidation

H. Tabata, S. Kato, S. Yamaguchi, T. Harada, K. Iwase, K. Kamiya* and S. Nakanishi*

"Glycerol Oxidation Catalyzed by High-valency Ruthenium Species at Electrochemical Interfaces"

Chemistry Letters, 49, 513-516 (2020)

■M-COF 電極触媒の第一原理計算/ First-principles calculation of M-COF electrode catalyst

K. Iwase, S. Nakanishi, M. Miyayama and K. Kamiya*

"Rational Molecular Design of Electrocatalysts Based on Single-Atom Modified Covalent Organic Frameworks for Efficient Oxygen Reduction Reaction"

ACS Applied Energy Materials, 3, 1644-1652 (2020 )

【共同研究】生物時計のレドックス制御/Redoxl Regulation of Biological Rhythms

Masahito Ishikawa, Kazuki Kawai, Masahiro Kaneko, Kenya Tanaka, Shuji Nakanishi, Katsutoshi Hori*

Extracellular electron transfer mediated by a cytocompatible redox polymer to study the crosstalk among the mammalian circadian clock, cellular metabolism, and cellular redox state

RSC Advances,10,1648-1657 (2020)!divAbstract

List of Publication 2019

【共同研究】細胞代謝の電気化学制御/Electrochemical Regulation of Cellular Metabolisms

M. Kaneko, M. Ishikawa, K. Ishihara*, S. Nakanishi*

"Cell-membrane permeable redox phospholipid polymers induce apoptosis in MDA-MB-231 human breast cancer cells"

Biomacromolecules, 20, 4447-4456 (2019 )

■光合成の環境応答/Photo-adaptation of natural photosynthesis

K. Tanaka, M. Ishikawa, M. Kaneko, K. Kamiya, S. Kato, S. Nakanishi*

"The endogenous redox rhythm is controlled by a central circadian oscillator in cyanobacterium Synechococcus elongatus PCC7942"

Photosynthesis Research,142, 23 (2019)


【共同研究】リチウム負極電池/Lithium Secondary Batteries

S. Matsuda*, K. Nishioka, S. Nakanishi

"High-throughput combinatorial screening of multi-component electrolyte additives to improve the performance of Li metal secondary batteries"

Scientific Reports,9, 6211 (2019)

■リチウムー酸素二次電池/Lithium-oxygen Secondary Batteries

K. Nishioka, K. Morimoto, T. Kusumoto, T. Harada, Y. Hase, K. Kamiya, S. Nakanishi*

"Expansion of the potential region for sustained discharge of non-aqueous Li-O2 batteries using an oxygen-enriched carbon cathode"

Chemistry Letters,48,562-565 (2019)

■リチウムー酸素二次電池/Lithium-oxygen Secondary Batteries

Y. Hase*, Y. Komori, T. Kusumoto, T. Harada, J. Seki, T. Shiga, K. Kamiya, S. Nakanishi*

"Negative differential resistance as a critical indicator for the discharge capacity of lithium-oxygen batteries"

Nature Communications,10,596 (2019) (Selected as Editor's Highlight)

■ヘマタイト電極触媒/Hematite Electrocatalysts

K. Kamiya*, A. Kuwabara, T. Harada, S. Nakanishi*

"Electrochemical formation of Fe(IV)=O derived from H₂O₂ on a hematite electrode as an active catalytic site for selective hydrocarbon oxidation reactions"

ChemPhysChem20, 648-650 (2019) (Front cover)

■リチウム-固体電解質界面/Lithium-Solid Electrolyte Interface

H. Koshikawa, S. Matsuda, K. Kamiya, M. Miyayama, Y. Kubo, K. Uosaki, K. Hashimoto, S. Nakanishi*,

“Electrochemical impedance analysis of the Li/Au-Li7La3Zr2O12 interface during Li dissolution/deposition cycles: Effect of pre-coating Li7La3Zr2O12 with Au”

J. Electroanl. Chem.,835143 (2019)

List of Publication 2018

【共同研究】メタン資化菌の電気化学/Electrochemistry of methanotroph

K. Tanaka, S. Yokoe, K. Igarashi, M. Takashiro, M. Ishikawa, K. Hori, S. Nakanishi*, S. Kato*

“Extracellular electron transfer via outer membrane cytochromes in a methanotrophic bacterium Methylococcus capsulatus (Bath) "

Frontier in Microbiology.9, 2905 (2018)

■光誘起電荷移動/Photo-induced charge transfer

T. Tatebe, T. Harada, K. Kamiya*, S. Nakanishi*

“Photo-induced direct interfacial charge transfer at TiO2 modified with hexacyanoferrate(III)"

Photochem. Photobio. Sci.17,1153 (2018)!divAbstract

■CO2還元電極触媒/Electrochemical CO2 reduction catalysts

P. Su[†], K. Iwase[†], T. Harada, K. Kamiya*, S. Nakanishi*

([†] Both authors equally contributed to this work.) “Covalent triazine framework modified with coordinatively-unsaturated Co or Ni atoms for CO2 electrochemical reduction”

Chem. Sci.9,3941 (2018) (OPEN ACCESS, Highlighted in ChemSciPick and Chemistry world)!divCitation

■カスケード型電子移動触媒/Cascade-type Electron Transfer Catalysts

K. Kamiya, T. Tatebe, S. Yamamura, K. Iwase, T. Harada, S. Nakanishi*

“Selective reduction of nitrate by the local cell catalyst composed of metal-doped covalent triazine frameworks”

ACS catal.8,2693 (2018)


■酸素還元触媒/Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalysts

K. Iwase, K. Kamiya*, M. Miyayama, K. Hashimoto and S. Nakanishi*

"Sulfur-Linked Covalent Triazine Frameworks doped with Coordinatively-Unsaturated Cu(I) as Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction"

ChemElectroChem5,805 (2018) 

■ニトロベンゼン選択還元触媒/Selective Electrocatalysts for Nitrobenzene Reduction

K. Iwase, N Fujinami, K. Hashimoto, K. Kamiya*, and S. Nakanishi*

"Cooperative Electrocatalytic Reduction of Nitrobenzene to Aniline in Aqueous Solution by Copper Modified Covalent Triazine Framework"

Chem. lett.47304 (2018)

■リチウム-固体電解質界面/Lithium-Solid Electrolyte Interface

H. Koshikawa, S. Matsuda, K. Kamiya, M. Miyayama, Y. Kubo, K. Uosaki, K. Hashimoto, S. Nakanishi*,

“Dynamic changes in charge-transfer resistance at Li metal/Li7La3Zr2O12 interfaces during electrochemical Li dissolution/deposition cycles”

J. Power Sources376,147 (2018)

List of Publication 2017

■アルコール選択酸化電極触媒/Selective Electrocatalysts for Alcohol Oxidation

S. Yamaguchi, K. Kamiya*, K. Hashimoto, S. Nakanishi*,

“Ru atom-modified covalent triazine framework as a robust electrocatalyst for selective alcohol oxidation in aqueous electrolytes”

Chem. Commun.53,10437-10440 (2017)

■ペロブスカイト太陽電池/Perovskite Solar Cells

H. K. Adli,T. Harada, S. Nakanishi, S. Ikeda

Effects of TiCl4 Treatment on Structural and Electrochemical Properties of a Porous TiO2 Layer in CH3NH3PbI3 Perovskite Solar Cells

PhysChemChemPhys, 19,26898-26905 (2017)



H. Nishihara*, T. Hirota, K. Matsuura, M. Ohwada, N. Hoshino, T. Akutagawa, T. Higuchi, H. Jinnai, Y. Koseki, H. Kasai, Y. Matsuo, J. Maruyama, Y. Hayasaka, H. Konaka, Y. Yamada, S. Yamaguchi, K. Kamiya, T. Kamimura, H. Nobukuni, F. Tani*,

Synthesis of ordered carbonaceous frameworks from organic crystals

Nature Commun. 8,109 (2017)

■メタン資化菌の電気化学/Electrochemistry of methanotroph

M. Ishikawa, Y. Tanaka, R. Suzuki, K. Kimura, K. Tanaka, K. Kamiya, H. Ito, S. Kato, K. Kamachi, K. Hori, S. Nakanishi*

Real-time monitoring of intracellular redox changes in Methylococcus capsulatus (Bath) for efficient bioconversion of methane to methanol

Bioresource Technology ,241,1157-1161 (2017)

■リチウム酸素電池の高容量化/Lithium-O2 batteries with high capacity

S.Matsuda, K. Uosaki, S. Nakanishi*

Enhanced energy capacity of lithium-oxygen batteries with ionic liquid electrolytes by addition of ammonium ions

J. Power Sources.,356,12-17 (2017)

■リチウム負極反応の制御/Control of Lithium Negative Electrode

S.Matsuda, Y. Kubo, K. Uosaki, S. Nakanishi*

Lithium-metal deposition/dissolution within internal space of CNT 3D matrix results in prolonged cycle of lithium-metal negative electrode

Carbon,119,119-123 (2017)


S.Matsuda, K. Uosaki, S. Nakanishi*

Improved charging performance of Li-O2 batteries by forming Ba-incorporated Li2O2 as the discharge product

J. Power Sources.,353,138-143 (2017)


S.Matsuda, Y. Kubo, K. Uosaki, S. Nakanishi*

Insulative Microbiber 3D-Matrix as a Host Material Minimizing Volume Change of the Anode of Li-Metal Batteries

ACS Energy Letters,2,924-929 (2017)


H. Koshikawa, S. Matsuda, K. Kamiya, Y. Kubo, K. Uosaki, K. Hashimoto, S. Nakanishi*

Effects of contaminant water on coulombic efficiency of lithium deposition/dissolution reactions in tetraglyme-based electrolytes

J. Power Sources,350,73-79 (2017)


S. Matsuda, Y. Kubo, K. Uosaki, S. Nakanishi*

Potassium Ions Promote Solution-Route Li2O2 Formation in the Positive Electrode Reaction of Li-O2 Batteries

J. Phys. Chem. C,8,1142-1146 (2017)


K. Tanaka, M. Kaneko, M. Ishikawa, S. Kato, T. Kamachi, H. Ito, K. Kamiya, S. Nakanishi*

Specific interaction between redox phospholipid polymers and plastoquinone in photosynthetic electron transport chain

ChemPhysChem,18,878-881 (2017)


R. Kamai, S. Nakanishi, K. Hashimoto*, K. Kamiya*

Selective electrochemical reduction of nitrogen oxides by covalent triazine frameworks modified with single Pt atoms

J. Electroanal. Chem.800,54-59 (2017)


M. Kaneko, M. Ishikawa, J. Song, S. Kato, K. Hashimoto*, S. Nakanishi*

Cathodic supply of electrons to living microbial cells via cytocompatible redox-active polymers

Electrochemistry Communications, 75,17-20 (2017)

List of Publication 2016


M. Kaneko, M. Ishikawa, K. Hashimoto*, S. Nakanishi*

Molecular Design of Cytocompatible Amphiphilic Redox-active Polymers for Efficient Extracellular Electron Transfer

Bioelectrochemistry,114,8-12 (2016)


H. Koshikawa, S. Nakanishi, K. Hashimoto*, K. Kamiya*

Catalytic methane combustion over iron/nitrogen-doped silicon carbide

RSC Advances,6,85559-85563 (2016)


R. Kamai, K. Kamiya, K. Hashimoto*, S. Nakanishi*

Oxygen-tolerant electrodes with Pt-loaded covalent triazine frameworks for the hydrogen oxidation reaction

(Selected as HOT paper)Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.55,13184–13188 (2016) (R.K and K.K equally contributed to this work)


P. Su, K. Iwase, S. Nakanishi, K. Hashimoto*, K. Kamiya*

Nickel-Nitrogen-Modified Graphene: An Efficient Electrocatalyst for the Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to Carbon Monoxide

Small,12,6083-6089 (2016)


S. Matsuda, Y. Kubo, K. Uosaki, K. Hashimoto*, and S. Nakanishi*

Improved Energy Capacity of Aprotic Li-O2 Batteries by Forming Cl-Incorporated Li2O2 as the Discharge Product

J. Phys. Chem. C,120,13360-13365 (2016)


T. Yoshioka, K. Iwase, S. Nakanishi, K. Hashimoto*, and K. Kamiya*

Electrocatalytic Reduction of Nitrate to Nitrous Oxide by a Copper-Modified Covalent Triazine Framework

J. Phys. Chem. C, 120,15729-15734 (2016)


Y. Zhao, K. Kamiya, K. Hashimoto*. S. Nakanishi*

Efficient Oxygen Reduction Reaction Electrocatalysts Synthesized from Iron-coordinated Aromatic Polymer Precursors

J. Mater. Chem. A,4,3858-3865 (2016)!divAbstract


S. Song, D. Sasaki, K. Sasaki, S. Kato, A. Kondo, K. Hashimoto*, S. Nakanishi*

Comprehensive metabolomic analyses of anode-respiring Geobacter sulfurreducens cells: The impact of anode-respiration activity on intracellular metabolite levels

Process Biochemistry, 51,34-38 (2016)

Negative differential resistance as a critical indicator for the discharge capacity of lithium-oxygen batteries